Meme about buying concert tickets, where the cost of the ticket and your bank account are the same amount.

Why I’ll never say no to buying concert tickets (Memoirs of a poor girl)

If there’s one weakness I can never help, it’s buying concert tickets. I am your go-to gal for shows, your concert buddy, your die-hard fan that will always, always say yes to shelling out money the second tickets go on sale.


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I’m not saying I do this for every band. For my favourite artists I will almost always get tickets regardless of how many times I’ve seen them, because I know each and every show will be incredible and somehow better than the last. Even if I’m not a fan of the venue, I’ll make sure I score the pre-sale tickets for choice seats, or weasel my way to the front for the best view (reference tip #5 in my earlier post).

I will never regret seeing my favourite band. It will always be a new experience, maybe a different concert mate, rearranged set list, old originals, favourite covers, and always a damn good time. I’ve seen the Arkells over 15 times, and I’m always impressed and always left feeling elated. My dad has seen Aerosmith almost 30 times, because he knows they’ll always put on a rockin’ show, and it’s also a way to reminisce. Above all, it can never be recreated. Every show is unique, and you can’t relive that – so I have to go to every single one!

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* Note that a lot of my collection hasn’t been captured since the transfer to e-tickets.

With that said, concert tickets are expensive. And undoubtedly, all my favourite little indie rock bands are finally being recognized and climbing their way to the top of the music scene. This means that they’re no longer playing the intimate, cheap venues I know and love – but rather halls and stadiums with 30,000 of my closest friends. Therefore, the price of their tickets has gone waaaaay up.

I will draw the line. I won’t pay through the nose for cheap seats, especially not to have a bad view. I’ll also consider the quality of the experience:

1. Have I ever seen them before?
2. Do they have new music, and do I like it?
3. What is the venue, and where is it?
4. What will this experience cost me?

That last point is important. You have to remember it’s not just the concert ticket. If you’re buying from a third-party site, there’s usually service charges or even printing costs. Then you have to consider if you have to drive/transit to the concert, and if it’s not close you have to consider accommodations. You’ll probably also have to allocate money for food and beverages. And if you’re really loving the band even merchandise. All this could cost you $200-$300 by the end of one evening. Don’t even get my started on what festival weekends will cost.

And yet, I’ll always say yes.


I have made some of my greatest memories at concerts. The type of happiness I feel when my favourite song is being sung aloud live in front of me, overwhelmed with the music and the emotions associated is incomparable. It’s a type of happiness that can’t be replicated.

That’s why I’ll always be chasing that concert high.

Much love,


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One comment

  1. Janet Roberts · February 22, 2019

    Well said! Have a great time at your next concert and congratulations on your new job! Xoxo


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