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Phenomenon of the Post Concert High

We’ve all experienced this in some way, shape, or form. I can’t really pinpoint what it is or why it happens, but every time I attend an amazing concert (all the time) I’m left with this elated feeling like I’m on cloud 9. This feeling lingers throughout the rest of the week, but almost becomes an obsession.

(End of The Glorious Sons concert, November 22, 2018)

When I realize the final song of the set has finished, the grandiose ending and theatrical exit off the stage leave me beaming. I think of it as the closest you can get to the pearly white gates without actually leaving the floor. That thought gets a rude reality check when the lights violently turn on and the roadies immediately start taking apart the set – our set. Don’t they have any empathy??


The crowd starts herding towards the exits, and the ground is riddled with garbage and empty cans. You’re left standing there feeling a combination of “what did I just witness?” and “what do I do now?” Regardless of how you spend the rest of your night, whether you go home with your ears ringing, or continue holding onto the euphoria by going out, the post concert high will kick in shortly after.

Many have referred to this feeling as post concert depression (PCD), but I like to believe that I’m still riding the high rather than crashing down from it. This is simply because of how happy I am throughout the days following a concert.

The lingering elation comes from the fact that when you’re at the concert, you’re completely removed from reality. There is actual magic happening on stage: people’s hands and feet are moving at lightening speed, there are laser beams and fire coming out of the ceiling, and the singer is probably reaching pitches you thought only dogs could hear. Everything happening in your day-to-day life is irrelevant, because you just experienced something otherworldly.

people having a concert

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This is when you realize that you’re still on that high. You return to work or school and your friends ask you how the concert was, but you can never really explain the sensation. Instead, you settle for “oh it was great.” The alienation already begins, and you fall deep down the concert obsession rabbit hole.

You spend all your free time looking at the pictures and videos you took, and re-watching your stories on all social media platforms. One of the most common things that people unanimously experience is a desire to listen to the artist’s music on repeat. No matter how many times you play that song, you can’t get enough. You hear their music with a fresh pair of ears and each time you listen to that song, you get a piece of the live concert back – sending you into a sensory overload. You’ve now also begun to push your music taste onto literally anyone who will listen, because in your mind this band is basically musical God.

(Sourced from Tenor)

Above all, the post concert high fosters this intimate bond with the band. You’ve shared an experience that’s uniquely your own, and each show is tailored to the individual audience. Somehow, you love them even more then when you originally bought the tickets.

And if the band did their job correctly, you’ll be pulling out your visa as soon as they list their new tour dates. Anything to get that feeling again.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
(At The Beaches and The Glorious Sons concert)

What were some of the epic concerts that left you with a post concert high?

Much love,

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